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Our various departments and ministries provide great opportunities to serve the Lord. Join a department or ministry today and become a worker in His Vineyard.


To obey Jesus Christ’s last command of “Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature” Mark 16:15.

The department is committed to taking the whole gospel to the whole world. It is innovative, daring and sold out for Jesus. Whatever we need to do to ensure that this gospel reaches every creature we will without hesitation do in accordance with the scriptures.

We intend to make Jesus Christ’s last command our first assignment.

Marriage Counseling

The home is the major building block of any society. It is therefore of utmost importance that Christ be recognized as the foundation and cornerstone of our homes. The Marriage Counseling Ministry’s objective is to help intending couples establish their homes on that solid foundation and help married couples keep within God’s counsel for their homes.

Men of Valor

This is the men’s fellowship of the church. Our goal is to raise Godly men who can stand in the gap for their families, communities, and nation. These are men who desire to do the work of the kingdom in the power of the Holy Spirit. The men organize various social and evangelistic events as well as financial and investment seminars. They are committed to demonstrating the glory of God in their families, finances, jobs and businesses and in all spheres of life.

Women of Glory

Light Fellowship – Living In God, Holy & Tested

These are tomorrow’s leaders. Today, we build them up, help them to stand firm and be prepared for the journey ahead. Fellowship is provided in a warm and inspiring setting to motivate and empower them for their life’s purpose. Activities and events center around spiritual, financial, emotional and social development. The goal is to build young people who love the Lord passionately, have a balanced and healthy social life and are motivated to excel in their education, career paths and individual businesses. We believe strongly that we are raising the Presidents, Governors, CEOs, Christian leaders etc… of the future.

Children’s Church

The children’s church is for children up to middle school age. Children are the heritage of the living God, and are special gifts that have been given to us. We therefore help them discover Kingdom principles through the teaching of the word of God. The word of God is presented to the children in a fun filled manner capturing their attention and engaging their interest. We are committed to establishing a solid foundation for these precious treasures.

Teenage Church

Teenage years are a special challenge in any home, group or organization. The media (TV, the internet, video games and movies) have become surrogate parents and are trying to impose a value system that directly conflicts with Christian principles. These young ones are captivated by what they see and look to the media for directions on picking their role models. Our goal is to teach our teenagers to discover who they really are through the word of God and bring them to a place of wholeness, confidence and power.

Our teen teachers understand the influence of peer pressure and the challenges these teenagers. Our teachers lovingly guide these young ones through the minefield of development. Our teachers have been there, they can relate to and can speak the language of these children.

The learning experience is filled with plenty of fun activities, and our children excitedly attend Sunday and week day programs where their commitment to Christ is strengthened and receive strength for living.

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